Rally Week 2017

In preparation for the most wonderful weekend of the year, dancers and fundraisers, both new and old, came together through January 23 – 29 to celebrate Rally Week. Rally Week served as the perfect reminder of what our purpose is and who we do it all for during madness that comes with the start of a new semester.

We kicked off the week with a Registration Rally. Dancers are the heart of everything we do! Recently, dancer registration opened up for the spring semester. Even though there are already a recording breaking number of teams and dancers registered for Dance Marathon 2017, we cannot wait to welcome even more Miracle Makers into the DM Family.


On Tuesday, we threw a Rally for Powie, a fun, loving, 4-year-old miracle child. She was born with a mitochondrial disease, but that hasn’t stopped her from dancing or doing everything she can to make her friends smile. During the rally, fundraisers and dancers set out to raise $42. This amount of money represents the $42,000 that it costs to employ a Child Life Specialist. These specialists work hard to help children and families cope while they are staying at Shands.

“A Child Life Specialist changes any child’s life that walks into a hospital. They are the ones that get on the child’s level and explains to them what a doctor or a nurse is going to do to them in a way that they can understand,” Samantha Caulfield, a Morale Captain and aspiring Child Life Specialist, said.

Later in the week, we hosted the Rally on Landis. Students were able to learn more about Dance Marathon and write letters to the miracle families. One of the highlights of the Rally was a donation based Pure Barre class that took place on Landis Green. Participants were able to stretch their stress away at one the most picturesque places on our campus.


The week ended on a high note, with two events that allowed everyone to cut loose. At FTKaraoke students belted their hearts out, singing everything from the Spice Girls to High School Musical. On Saturday, we hosted FTKolor, where 800 students throw around over 1,000 pounds of colored powder and having a blast FTK!


Check out a video FTKolor here!

Rally Week served as the perfect morale booster since we’re officially 15 days out from the start of the Marathon. Now is the perfect time to reflect on all the good we’ve done over the past 7 months and eagerly anticipate all the great things we’re going to accomplish over the next 26 days.

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Miracle Week 2016

This year Miracle Week 2016 took place October 3 through October 7 and it is safe to say it was the most successful week we have had yet!

Monday – “Dodge Dream Donate Dance Dodge”

We started out with an incredible Dodge Ball Tournament that took place at Leon High School. Teams were able to battle each other while also meeting some incredible miracle families!

Tuesday – “FTK Shopping Day”

Along with gaining 22% of purchases made at Garnet & Gold and Trending Now; Dance Marathon also had DM Merchandise and Divvy Up Socks for sale!! Shopping For The Kids? What more could you ask for?

Wednesday –“Miracles on Landis & Chipotle Share-It-Night”

We had two events, that’s right two events FTK! From 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. we made miracles on Landis Green with tons of activities and photo opportunities.

Eat good AND feel good? Yes, please! From 5pm -9pm on Wednesday Dance Marathon at FSU had our Share-it-night at Chipotle. All you had to do was mention to the cashier you were with Dance Marathon and 50% of the proceeds went directly to our cause!

Thursday – “So You Think You Can Line Dance”

Everyone came out to The Moon and experienced some amazing dance routines at So You Think You Can Line Dance.


Friday “For The Families Friday”

October 7th we posed a challenge for everyone to raise $50 for the families in hopes of making a better tomorrow! If you raised the $50 in your Dance Marathon account on October 7th, Full Press was kind enough to match the first 50 people’s donations.


Check out a video recap of Miracle Week here!


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Parents Weekend Canning Recap

As much as we all love the freedom and independence that college brings, it’s impossible to not get a little homesick every once in a while. That’s why Parents’ Weekend is so important. During that time, parents get to see the university through our eyes as they are led on a personal tour of our home away from home. The last time our parents saw us, we were most likely anxious or were worried about making friends, finding a new path and just getting used to our twin XL bed. Whatever worries we had are long gone now.  It’s amazing to see the amount of growth that can happen in just two months. In that short time, many students have gone from introverted to involved.

Parents’ Weekend was also the venue for the first canning event in support of Dance Marathon 2017. Canning serve many purposes:

  • Canning allows students who are fundraising for DM to walk around the stadium asking fans to donate to the cause
  • All of the money they raise then goes directly into their personal DM account, bringing the one step closer to their goal
  • Typically, canning is done in small groups, so it’s an awesome way to meet people from different organizations who are also apart of the DM family

In addition to raising funds through canning, this year a percentage of each football ticket sold for Parents’ Weekend was contributed to Dance Marathon, so fans were able to cheer on the ‘Noles and be FTK at the same time!

We can’t wait for more canning events to happen and to make more miracles!


As always,




Dance Marathon: What It’s All About

As we get closer to DM, it’s both exciting and amazing reflecting on #ourcause.

Our yearlong movement of fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network and the FSU College of Medicine’s Pediatric Outreach Program culminates with a weekend-long event where #ourcommunity stands and dances together for two, twenty hour shifts to benefit those that cannot stand for themselves.

According to Morgan Maxwell, the dancers have “really stepped up this year” and have “accomplished so much: Miracle Week, Rally Week, and Week of Why” as well as making “a Florida Statement by raising 100k in a Day!”

She believes that, “They DESERVE to celebrate all the miracles they have made in their yearlong movement.” And, that’s what Dance Marathon is all about.

This year, the entertainment has moved from the stage to the floor, and it will truly be one for the books!

We’re ready to make miracles! Are you?

As Always,


Miracle Milestones and Dancer Incentives

Get excited Seminoles because DM at FSU has a ton of miracle milestones and dancer incentives to keep you moving and on your feet during the marathon this year!

Alora Sager, Internal Fundraising Chair, says that, “Miracle Milestones are a fantastic way to enhance your dancer experience – while also making miracles for the kids!”

This year, incentives include La-Z-Boy time, movies, sitting yoga, and time in the FirstKlass Lounge!

So get excited for al of the incentinves this years DM has to offer!

As Always,


Miralcemilestone (1)


Rally Week

Get excited seminoles because Rally Week is almost here!

Starting Monday, January 25th, there will be a share it night at Skate World from 5-9pm, followed by “Would You Like Miracles With That?” on Tuesday January 26th where some of the proceeds from Pollo Tropical, Papa Johns, Freshen’s, Subway, Einstein’s, Salad Creations, Chick Fil A, Rising Roll, and Chili’s on campus will go towards our cause from 4-7pm.

Then, on Wednesday January 27th, we will have Red Wagon Wednesday from 10am-2pm on Landis Green. Everyone can come fill “wagons” with letters and donations, FTK.

On Thursday January 28th from 4:30-6:30pm we will have FTKolor at heritage! Presale tickets are $10, or $12 on the day of.

The week will culminate on Friday, January 29th with our $21 for 21 campaign where we challenge everyone to raise $21 that day for DM at FSU’s 21st year.

For more information, you can visit: dmfsu.org

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12573850_10153223761311345_2484054903970373009_nThis year is our 21st year and we wanted to make a STATEMENT. 

On Wednesday, January 13th, for 26.2 hours – the length of a marathon – our organization pledged to raise $100,000. An ambitious goal that turned into a miraculous one. We started at 8:00am Wednesday morning and the energy was contagious. Every 100 minutes we offered a new incentive, from receiving a Wesctcott Brick upon graduation, to a $100 match donation from one of our sponsors. If that wasn’t enough, the members of our organization were spread throughout campus trying to make this goal a reality. Up and down legacy walk and even at sponsors place of work, from the leadership team, to captains and to delegates of organizations – our presence was made known both online and in physical form. But our efforts didn’t stop there. We hosted two share-it days at Moe’s and Apropo on Tennessee and our members made their way for queso and crepes.
By 10:00pm, we had accomplished what we called the day, our “Florida Statement” – we created 100,000 miracles. Overwhelmed with awe and joy, we decided to not stop there. We continued to fundraise and Thursday morning at 10:12am, after a full 26.2 hours, we released our final total of $122,475.06. We are filled with pride for our community coming together for our cause. 
We cannot thank Florida State University enough for making this statement. Please check out www.dmfsu.org to see the names of some of our miracle makers on this monumental day!
The marathon is quickly approaching but there are many miracles yet to come. Rally Week will be here soon enough, there is more merchandise coming your way, Dancer Registration will be re-opening, and volunteer registration will be here before you know it!
Stay connected with DM at FSU – you won’t want to miss out on all the infinite miracles we will be making for the kids!